Software Engineer

Software Engineer / Provisionings Place: Beinasco – Turin

Job Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer. The role requires a Software Engineer for Embedded Systems in the Automotive Infotainment industry with skills in electronic component and systems circuits design.

In addition, the candidate must be flexible, able to work in a fast paced environment, results orientated and show a strong ability to work in a team. The proposed workplace is our headquarter in strada Antica di None, Beinasco (Turin, Italy), but also, the candidate must be able to travel to workshops around Europe and worldwide.


The minimum educational qualifications are a Degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of experience in Automotive Software Design for embedded systems.

Important requirements are: scripting, MCU/DSP assembly, knowledge of C and C++ languages, Linux language with the toolchainses of development Linux (YOCTO no Mandatory).

Also appreciated would be HMI integrator/designer and HW/SW integration.

Written and spoken English are, therefore, necessary skills for this job because of the Working Team is composed of people from diverse Nations.

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