Software Engineer

Software Engineer / Provisionings Place: Beinasco – Turin

Job Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer.

The candidate will work on Embedded Systems for Automotive/Infotainment industry thus skills on electronic components and circuit design are a must.

The ideal candidate is a flexible teamplayer, results and teamwork oriented, willing to work in a fast-paced environment.

He/she will be expected to travel across Europe or worldwide both for workshops and temporary cooperation with international teams. Written and spoken English are, therefore, necessary skills for this job because the Working Team is composed of people from diverse Nations.


Required educational qualification for this position is an Electronic Engineering/ Computer Science Degree with at least 5 years of experience.

Essential skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of C++
  • Excellent knowledge of software development under Linux
  • Good working knowledge of Python
  • Experience with embedded software development
  • Basic understanding of hardware principles, familiarity with schematics and low level software development for peripherals in an embedded context

Optional skills:

  • Experience with Yocto
  • Knowledge of recent versions of C++ (C++ 11)
  • Understanding of Python internals, including introspection, object model, embedded Python, C++ / Python wrapping
  • Experience with cross-platform software toolkits (Qt, WxWidgets)
  • Experience with 3D graphics development (OpenGL and/or 3D visualization toolkits such as VTK)

We are located in Strada Antica di None, Beinasco (Turin, Italy).


Junior to middle seniority.


If you are interested send your resume at:

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