The Soft-in Biomedical department is the new challenge of our company since few years.

Our Software and Hardware design capabilities, created during the past three decade in the Object recognizing with camera, automotive and Autonomous driving, permit us to be the right partner and right experience for our partner acting in the biomedical technology development, it means that we make an important contribution and we want to do it!

First of all let’s talk a little about our mission

Our mission and spirit is to make innovative medical technology available to more people, while helping healthcare systems move towards a sustainable path. Our goal is to help the medical technology industry meet Europe’s growing healthcare needs and expectations. We promotes existing and innovative technology’s experienced for different sector with a high value of security level and to have a complete concept for innovation project.

Some project from our long project list

  • 2006: Tracking system, for people with Alzheimer’s for “in house” and “out-door” movement
  • 2007-2009: “Assistive Clock” a system for elderly or disabled people living at home and in the same time to be able to give assistance in case of emergency. This system incorporated in a wrist watch, is able to monitor: body temperature, state of the pressure, position of the person (vertical/horizontal, emergency request (E-call), in-house location. In case of discrepancy of some value create an automatic call to the hospital center.
  • 2008-2010: “Assistive Clock” for in-house and “out-door” control, via a tracking system, connect wireless.
  • 2016: Redesign and optimizing of a distributed RFID reading system capable of capturing, statically and on the fly, the unique ID of biological samples, enabling a more efficient routing, within modular tracks, for medical laboratory analysis automatization for test tubes containing blood with an identification error of 1/million
  • 2018: Near field coupling and tracking optimization for remote reading of tubes containing blood
  • Supporting customers on EMC/EMI certification based on IVD regulator
  • Hardware Development for system miniaturization.
  • Autonomous robot technology applied in the hospital logistic
  • Our next technological challenge: Robot technology for hospital operating activities with camera, vision and movement control, based on recognizing biologic anomalies.