The high qualification of our people

is one of our main strengths

About Us

Soft-in is an engineering company specialized in design and development of integrated systems for the automotive and industrial automation sectors.
Our core business is divided into 2 large areas of intervention: Embedded Systems and Industrial Automation.
Embedded systems engineering covers the largest part of our activities and is divided into 3 teams: Hardware development, Software development and Test&validation. Each of these teams has a know-how that is the result of years of experience and has different technical characteristics of excellence.
Hardware Dept.: we specialize in project validation, Cost-down/ Obsolescence and prototyping, the latter implemented in recent years following the request of several important customers.
Software Dept.: Our softwar engineers and firmware designers have a wide range of experiences ranging from SW Quality management to applications, microwaves and low level platform adaptation.
Test&validation: testing and validation have become in recent years a point of excellence of our company, thanks to projects that affect important customers of international scope. The laboratory set up at our headquarters in Beinasco (TO) allows us to perform testing remotely, but the most consistent part is of course testing inside the vehicle.
And last, but not least, Industrial automation. This is our flagship, the spearhead of our company in addition to the first true and important core business, born at the end of the 80s. The skills of our technicians, always in continuous training, range from PLC design, Robot and commissioning of entire production lines, automation in logistics and home automation – both private and industrial.


Our mission is to share innovation, knowledge and creativity to face today the business challenges of tomorrow. We react quickly to customer requests and guarantee a high technology and quality service. A deep knowledge of the changing global consumer market and the high specialization of our engineers assure the best result.
We look one step ahead: new advanced technologies are the key challenge for the company in the next future.
We invest a lot in the Research & Development fields to keep our knowledge leading position in innovative sectors, to the advantage of the whole reference community (company and customers).
The importance of details is crucial for us. To gain this goal, special attention is paid to main criteria.
First of all Quality. We constantly improve the quality of the processes with major attention to reliability and security. We also ensure customer support in all the design stages, from the Statement of Work up to the final project validation and quality assurance.
Than Innovation. Soft-in invests in R&D to maintain a leading position in innovative sectors and to scout new areas of application providing our customers the latest technologies.
And last Confidentiality & reliability because we value our clients relationship above all, which is why we adhere to the highest security standards to retain the security of the customers information and we take pride in always meeting deadlines and providing the highest quality equipment and services.

Factor of our success

Factor of our success

Factors of our success are flexibly combined expertise and knowledge on vertical technologies and a very skilled, young and lively team of professionals.
Our core business is Embedded & Industrial Automation. With more than 30+ years of experiences, we design projects in many fields such as:
  • Automotive infotainment: Development, Maintenance and Support of Media / Telecom / Mobile Electronics
  • Hardware and Software development
  • Linux BSP and distribution
  • Motor Control and e-motion
  • Electronics
  • User experience
  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial installation
  • Robotics
  • Building and Warehouse automation



All the activities of prevention, control and improvement – company levers to meet the customer’s and the environment’s needs – are included in a formalized and integrated management System for Quality and Environment in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
Soft-in is a synonymous for quality in our industry and you are part of it. In carrying out our activities, we pursue the goal of quality and environmental protection, by:
  • accurately managing information for the maintenance and/or the improvement of customer satisfaction;
  • managing human resources, ensuring a constant workforce updating and a personal career development;
  • educating and involving our employees and suppliers to comply with the principles of quality and environment defined by the company;
  • carrying out rigorous checks on any action that could generate pollution, adopting an appropriate waste management and avoiding any waste and the use of non-renewable resources such as energy, water, etc.;
  • operating in terms of full compliance with regulations and safety standards.

We can also rely on the high seniority of our employees: Almost the half of the workforce has 10 to 15 years of professional experience. Despite this, two thirds of our people is aged 26 to 40. The female component is increasing year over year, as well as the number of graduated employees compared to the one of the technicians.


  • Professional (<5 Years)
  • Expert (5 to 10 Years)
  • Senior (10 to 15 Years)
  • Master (>15 Years)


  • Administration
  • Quality Control
  • Factory Automation
  • Marketing
  • Embedded


  • A (<30 Years)
  • B (31 to 41 Years)
  • C (41 to 55 Years)
  • D (>55 Years)


  • Graduated
  • Tech. Qualification


  • Female
  • Male