With 30+ years of history and honored career,

we want to tackle and overcome three orders of issues

As one of the first SMEs in Italy, we believe in a systemic innovation process using our expertise and leveraging on ethical and high social impact values.
Born at the end of the 80s, this department is our flagship, the spearhead of our company in addition to the first true and important core business.
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Prema Project

The PREMA project started in 2020 with the intention to enable the predictive maintenance (PDM) in the Industry 4.0.
Thanks the Big Data Analysis on the information extracted, acquires knowledge about the real-time behavior of objects subjected to vibration stresses or machines that have parts highly exposed to vibration.

The main goal was to minimize damage to objects by predictive analysis that enables intelligent and targeted maintenance interventions as well as avoiding any critical failures or emergencies related the machine monitored, thanks to an innovative combination of:
1) specialized and wireless IoT devices
2) an advanced machine learning (ML) system joint to the power of cloud computing
3) new full engineered EDGE Computing component (HW and SW) that exploit the Fog Computing.


The main benefits are:
Cost reduction > No-production time reduced, longer machines worklife as well as reduction of cost maintenance
Safety > Reduction of workplace accidents
Environment > Reduction of energy waste and natural resources