Electrical Motor Control Framework

Electrical Motor Control Framework | Soft-in

Build a flexible system (hardware + software) able to control different types of electric motors and provide information through graphical user interface.


  • Design of a complete control system, including processing units, power stages, sensoring, user interface on LCD
  • Build a flexible motor control framework for various motor configurations: Brushed, Brushless, Sensored, Sensorless


  • Start from scratch
  • Complex Control Algorithms
  • Adaptable for different motor types

Motor control board - Soft-in


  • Control board based on Texas Instruments DSP
  • Sophisticated control algorithms, providing excellent performance in terms of acceleration, top speed, power consumption, and motor + controller protection against faults
  • Accurate positioning for motion control applications
  • CAN/LIN slave mode


Implemented as a complete solution to control electric bike motors

Control electric bike motors | Soft-in

Implemented as controller for truck HVAC motors

Controller for truck HVCA motors | Soft-in