Through an external board of strategic consultants (belonging to a no-profit organization), we want to collect information and data on the projects advancement, in order to adapt our strategies and approach. The team supervises, controls and supports all the activities related to Start-ups Center and Talents Academy, since they’re experts on business innovation.

They operate in order to reach common objectives, shared with our goals: Support companies to innovate and giving to young people tools and methodologies able to support them entering the job market.

A welfare approach is related to the recruitment of skilled external consultants, willing to return their experiences to the market, getting out of unemployment and/or looking for new challenges.

The 2018/2019 Innovation Committee team members are:

  • CHRISTIAN HARRIS: Former Googler and marketing director

  • ANTONIO STRUMIA: Former Managing Director of Istituto Mario Boella, now innovation and management consultant

  • ANNA RUGGIERO: Crowdfunding consultant and trainer

  • ANTONIO AREZZO: Business consultant and ‘augmented’ CFO