With 30+ years of history and honored career, we want to tackle and overcome three orders of issues:

  • Adopt a new methodology for staff recruitment

  • Develop a strategy of employee retention

  • Enhance and ease open innovation

All these to achieve a single great purpose: to be more attractive increasing brand reputation.

As one of the first SMEs in Italy, we believe in a systemic innovation process using our expertise and leveraging on ethical and high social impact values and we inaugurate a new concept: the Soft-in Hub. On the one hand, Soft-in provides expertise, resources and willingness to invest in innovation and business growth; on the other hand, a no-profit foundation guarantees the quality of the offered services, by streamlining the relations between the operating side (Soft-in) and the outside world and providing a network of experienced professionals and communication tools necessary for the company to achieve its objectives and to respond to the variables of today’s market.

The Soft-in Hub is made of four sections:

and is seen as a circular ecosystem, where each part is functional to the other ones, being its consolidated excellence competencies the core of the whole experience.