Head Unit based on Texas Instruments Jacinto 5 and OMAP 4

Head unit based on texas instruments Jacinto 5 and OMAP 4 | Soft-in

Hardware design of an infotainment platform based on TI OMAP4 and Jacinto5 SOCs, also including RF tuner integration. Linux BSP adaptation, middleware adaptation and integration (Qt 5), software platform design for multithreaded operation, development of solution for multithreaded OpenGL 3d rendering and Mirror-link streaming for Android devices.


  • Hardware design and complete development


  • Porting on Jacinto 5 and OMAP 4 platform


  • Access to Texas Instruments’s restricted documentation
  • Texas Instruments’s on-site and remote support to Soft-in
  • Hardware design
  • BSP, Software, Middleware and Application SW design support on Critical Issues


  • Successful developed

Texas Instruments Jacinto 5 and OMAP 4 | Soft-in