Soft-in achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.
Soft-in takes great care to the quality processes constant improvement.
To ensure this attention level, soft-in chose the SQS Company from Switzerland to certify the company quality procedures.


  • A continuous improvement program to keep alive the defined quality processes


  • Improve soft-in process methodology for effective and flexible management¬†(synthesis of Agile, SPICE and CMMI)
  • Pass SCAMPI assessment for CMMI L2 in the next future


  • Improve the informational system for project management
  • Adapt the corporate culture in order to better project plan and its monitor
  • Improve portfolio management
  • Establish accurate reporting (down-up)

Soft-in is a synonymous for quality in our industry and you are part of it.