Quality and Environment, our policy

Soft-in, in carrying out its activities, pursues the objectives of quality and environmental protection, by committing to:

  • accurately manage information and supplies for the maintenance and/or the improvement of customer satisfaction;
  • manage human resources, ensuring a constant updating of the personnel for the improvement of skills and career development;
  • educate and involve its employees and suppliers to comply with the principles of quality and environment defined by the company;
  • carry out rigorous checks on any action that could generate pollution, adopting appropriate management of refuses and avoiding waste of material and non-renewable resources such as energy, water, etc .;
  • operate in terms of full compliance with regulatory and safety.

All the activities of prevention, control and improvement, which are the levers on which the company is acting to meet the needs of the client and the environment, are included in a formalized and integrated management System for Quality and Environment in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.







As part of the development of its system, Soft-in considers essential to ensure the maximum commitment to carrying out the activities defined in the improvement plans which are developed annually.

Goals for the future

  • Improve soft-in process methodology for effective and flexible management¬†(synthesis of Agile, SPICE and CMMI)
  • Pass SCAMPI assessment for CMMI L2 in the next future

Soft-in is a synonymous for quality in our industry and you are part of it.