Our History

Main Milestones

Soft-in is an Engineering Consulting Company specialized in designing and developing systems for industrial automation, warehouse management, embedded software, automotive infotainment, body electronics, building automation, safety critical applications on board and wayside, and cyber security in transportation.

  • 1988: From many years of experience in engineering at major German car companies, Soft-in was founded in Turin, Italy.
  • 1992: Beside the “Design of embedded systems“, mainly in the Automotive field, Soft-in launches a new Business Unit, the “Industrial Automation“.
  • 1995: Soft-in starts its activities in the “Automotive Telematics Platform” business.

Soft-in is now located in Turin (HQ) and Rome, Italy and Eltville, Germany.

Working with Soft-in

Soft-in offers a lot of co-operation patterns to give customers a multiplicity of options to fit their specific needs.

Co-operation patterns:

  • Project model
  • Remote Team
  • On site Team
  • Mixed remote & on site
  • Staff augmentation
  • Time and material
  • Hybrid (mixed)
  • Cost efficiency

Co operation patterns | Soft-in

We are flexible to accept our customer’s co-operation model if one of the issues listed beside does’t fit the specific need!