The Ethical Code of Soft-in

The Ethical Code of Soft-in S.r.l. 

Our Ethical Code is apply to all directors, employees and generally to anyone acting on behalf of the company. In addition, it is a standard reference also for consultants and suppliers.

Compliance with the rules contained in the document refers specifically to the following areas like as Conduct of Business, Human Resource Management, Quality, Environment and Safety and External Relations.

All resources operating for SOFT-IN must respect the principles of honesty and fairness.

Observing especially the following directives, comply with applicable regulatory standards and internal regulations, in order to also guarantee ever the protection of the corporate image. Soft-in not disclose confidential information and not disclose to third parties data regarding technological and commercial knowledge of our company or other organizations, even after the termination of employment. Also ensure a high level of security for its information systems predisposed to the processing of personal data and confidential information, report to management any conflict of interest (personal, financial, familiar, etc.) that may constitute impediment to act in the full interest of the company, avoid activities and actions that could constitute unfair competition and, finally, avoid knowingly infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Child labor and forced labor
SOFT-IN does not employ any form of forced or child labor.

Freedom of association
Workers have the right to be represented by unions or other organizations recognized within the law.

Human relations
The workers are respected avoiding any form of discrimination (race, gender, sexual orientation, social and personal position, physical and health condition, disability, age, nationality, religion or belief).

It’s absolutely unacceptable any type of harassment or unwelcome behavior such as those related to race, gender or other personal characteristics.

Also it’s the duty of all to create and maintain a calm and collaboratively environment of work.

Rules of conduct
Workers are required to keep their own job places in decorous, clean and tidy way.

In addiction, it’s forbidden to take alcohol during work including breaks, to take narcotic drugs even in free time and smoking in the workplace. Even in places where smoking is not prohibited, it’s essential to pay attention to the needs of those who might suffer “passive smoking”.

Salary and working hours
Wages and working hours are defined on the basis of requirements established by law.

Use of existing expertise
SOFT-IN aims to promote and encourage the professional growth of its workers, according to the valuation principles that take into account the results achieved, competencies and skills demonstrated over time.

Business expenses
It’s necessary to keep accurate records of all activities and business expenses.

Company assets
Workers are required to use the assets and resources to which they have access efficiently preserving the value. In case of malfunction or damage, the worker must immediately notify the responsible.

External activities
It’s not possible to undertake entrepreneurial activities that interfere with the obligations towards the SOFT-IN. Any contact or work with other companies require prior written authorization.

The internal body for the monitoring of compliance with the Ethical Code of Soft-in is the General Management.

Any breaches of the Code provide for appropriate sanctions (with possible termination of employment) and workers are required to adhere to the Code and report any violations.

Positions of responsibility
Any responsible who acts as supervisor must be an example for other workers, promote a positive environment and verify the application of the Ethical Code of Soft-in.

SOFT-IN promotes the commitment to quality at all levels, to improve the organization and the results of its business and meet the needs of all the resources involved (customers, employees, partners, suppliers).

Environmental protection
SOFT-IN is committed to continuously improve the environmental performance of its processes through the minimization of environmental impacts and optimize the use of resources; workers are required to play an active role in applying those principles.

Health and safety
Workers are required to be personally responsible and to take the preventive measures established by SOFT-IN for the protection of their health and safety and communicated through specific directions, instructions, training and information.

Every relationship and contact with customers must be based on professional correctness and efficiency in compliance with contractual obligations.

The relationships management with suppliers must be aimed to establish and maintain cooperative relations honest and lasting.

Public Institutions
Relations with public institutions must be managed only by designated departments and workers and must be conducted with transparency.